Logoysk is an old town situated on the banks of the Gaina River. It was first mentioned in chronicles in 1078. Logoisk is situated in a very picturesque place. It is surrounded by big and beautiful forests, which attract visitors in all seasons. These forests are rich in mushrooms  and berries, different species of flowers and  drug plants.

Logoisk (in chronicles referred as Logozhsk, Logozhesk) is first mentioned in "Sermon" by Vladimir Monomah: "Burned and fought from Lukoml to Logozhsk, attacked Drutsk". It was a fortress during the last quarter of XI century. Logoysk passed to Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the 1st quarter of XIV century.
Since 1528 till October revolution Logoysk was owned by the Tyshkevichys. During this period 14 generations have changed. The most eminent members of Tyshkevichy family are brothers Konstantin and Evstafiy Tyshkevich. In 1842 they founded first Belarusian museum in their magnificent palace. On 17th of June, 1924 Logoysk became a center of Logoysk district.

Tyshkevichys' park (1st half of XIX century) is a landscape architectural memorial.  The park was planned simultaneously with the construction of the palace: 1814-1819. It stood on a high (up to 25 meters above the floodplain) Gaina riverside terrace. The park occupied an area of ​​1.5 hectares.

Throughout its history, Logoysk has seen many joyful and bitter days. It had been three times devastated and burnt down two times but always revived like Phoenix. Our people keep memory of those who defended our Motherland and gave their lives in the war against fascist aggressors.

Logoysk land is the motherland of well-known Belarusian writers and poets.

Nowadays Logoysk is a beautiful modern town.  Though our town is not big young people have all the opportunities to develop their skills and talents, do interesting hobbies. There are two secondary schools, a gymnasium, a music school, a sports school, a swimming pool, public libraries and other facilities.

Our educational establishment, Logoysk Gymnasium, opened its doors in August, 1944 . It was a wooden building with five classrooms in Sovetskaya Street.  In 1947 there were 105 students and 9 teachers worked there.  In 1951, the seven-year school became a high school.  In 1954 first 27 students graduated from the school. In 1957 a three-storey building was built (now in this building there is school number 3 ) .  In 1978, the team moved into a bright three-storey building, located near the forest in School Street.

September 1, 2006 was the grand opening of the gymnasium. 394 pupils study here. And 51 teachers work in the gymnasium. Our teachers are good! The most important quality of a good teacher is patience.  No matter how good your students are, they will test your patience at many points during the day. Our teachers are caring.  Students can typically tell which teachers actually care about them -- about them as people and about their learning. Our teachers have a quick mind.

And our teachers can be proud of their students, the winners of different contests, Olympiads, sports competitions, research work and others. And our teachers can be proud of their former students, who took their roads in life and became good specialists.

Welcome to our gymnasium!

Attention! We collect information about our graduates, who connected their profession with a foreign language or living in other countries. We're looking forward to messages from you.

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